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Rosemary Roof Tile Vent
Rosemary Roof Tile Vent
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Rosemary Roof Tile Vent

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Rosemary Roof Tile Vent

Protect your home from damp with the Beddoes Products Rosemary Roof Tile Vent for plain roof tiles.

Stop loft condensation today — give yourself peace of mind tomorrow. 

Don’t risk the cost of treating damp.

The Problem with Roof Ventilation 

Everything you do at home generates heat. And all that heat rises through the ceilings into your loft. 

So your loft needs to breathe. 

You would think that’s a built-in feature. But it’s not.

On older houses, the roof was installed with a breathable membrane or nothing at all. And the effectiveness of both options is questionable.

The Solution?  Rosemary Roof Tile Vents  

The Beddoes Products Rosemary Tile Vent is a simple solution for roof ventilation.

Want to connect your bathroom extractor fan or soil vent pipe?

Simply add a pipe adaptor.

We Like to Keep Things Simple 

  • Installation - One vent replaces 3 tiles. And we colour match so your roof looks untouched.
  • Find the right product - Just use the information below. You can order with one click.
  • Delivery - Free on all orders. 
  • Returns -  Free 30-day returns. No questions asked.

Choosing the Right Product

Nobody likes returns. So we help you choose the right product by giving as much product information as possible.

The Beddoes Products Rosemary Tile Vent is compatible with: 

Concrete, clay or machine made plain roof tiles.

  • Length of tile area – 265 mm
  • Length (total) – 337 mm including flange/overlap
  • Width (total) – 495 mm
  • Width of 1 tile – 165 mm per tile (3 tiles in total)

Choosing the Right Package

Vent Only 

Suitable for situations where only ventilation is required. If you aren’t connecting to any pipework now or in the future, the ‘vent only’ option is all you require.

Vent + Pipe Adaptor

The pipe adaptor has a 110mm diameter and connects the roof tile vent to extraction units via existing pipework. 

Vent + Pipe Adaptor + Flexible Pipe

The flexible pipe provides a high-quality flexible connection between the roof tile vent and existing pipework. It can extend between lengths of 250mm - 550mm. Adjustable ties allow diameters between 120mm - 77mm.

What's It For?

A Beddoes Products Rosemary Roof Tile Vent gives an almost-invisible solution to 2 problems:

1. Ventilation of a roof space

A retrofit solution to condensation in the roof space.

2. Soil or mechanical extraction

A terminal for soil vent pipes or mechanical extraction units - most commonly bathroom extraction.

Airflow resistance charts are available on request to determine the suitability of the product when used in conjunction with extraction units.

How Do You Install It?

Installation is simple.

One unit replaces 3 tiles. No tile or batten cutting is required. The roofing felt needs a diagonal cut for the throat of the ventilator to pass through.

  • Cut and fold out the felt underlay
  • Position the tile vent
  • Nail securely and continue tiling

Fast + Free Delivery

Delivery is FREE on all of our orders. And we’ll never take more than 3 days to send it.

We only use DPD Next Day services. So you’re guaranteed to receive your order the day after it’s sent.

The BP Risk-free Guarantee

Everyone hates returns. That’s why we give as much product information as possible.

But if you do happen to order the wrong thing...we forgive you.

Return your order within 30 days and get a full refund.

We should be able to help you find the right product. Just send us a message.

Download and print your Returns Form here: Returns Form

The Technical Part


  • UK designed and manufactured
  • Made from thermoplastic
  • 3-tile format


  • Upper cover containing a grille in the visible area of the tile
  • An underbase collects and discharges rainwater back to the roof
  • The grille also acts as an insect screen and a baffle against wind-driven rain
  • Minimum roof pitch - 22.5 degrees

Ventilation area

  • The 4mm grille allows an airflow capacity of 7,500mm² per unit 
  • One tile vent at 0.75 metre centres achieves the equivalent of 10,000mm² per linear metre at low level
  • One tile vent at 1.50 metre centres achieves the equivalent of 5,000mm² at high level


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Free on all orders.

We only use DPD Next Day services.

Tracking included and updated automatically.

1-3 days dispatch time.


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Returns are accepted within 30 days of your order being received.

A full refund will be issued, provided the items are returned in the condition they were sold.

To return your order, please open or download one of the returns forms below, print it and insert it into your box.

Beddoes Products Returns Form (Printable Webpage)

Beddoes Products Returns Form (PDF Download)


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