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The Smallest Roof Tile Vent Company in the World!

Welcome to Beddoes Products - The Smallest Roof Tile Vent Company in the World!
Smaller means better. Smaller means more careful. Smaller means more attention to the details.
But how small is small? Just me. My name is Scott Beddoes and this is my company, Beddoes Products.
When I started my company I wrote down a list of the most boring names I could think of and chose the best one – my surname, Beddoes with Products at the end. Dreams of one day being big enough to sell every roofing product imaginable were covered by this general, painfully boring name.
Now if I were clever, I would have called it ‘The Little Roof Tile Vent Company’. Why? Because that’s my niche. My market. My category. I specialise in one product – roof tile vents. 
Beddoes Products is the 1st online-only, one-man roof tile vent specialist store. It is not the online sales division of a big trade customer roofers merchants. I built this for the DIYers and sole traders.
With a small product range and concentrated online presence, I will personally build your product from scratch, carefully pack and ship your order and you can contact me directly at any time.