How to Stop Bathroom Condensation

Bathroom condensation isn't the small problem you think it is.

In fact, it can have a big impact on your home — not just in your bathroom.

You see, untreated bathroom condensation doesn't take long to develop damp on your walls and ceilings. In the wrong places, this leads to mould growth and wood rot. Bad news!

But don't worry. There are plenty of good bathroom condensation solutions. You've come to the right place.

In this post we'll look at how you can reduce the amount of bathroom condensation you make and get rid of whatever is left over.

Sound good? Ok, let's get started! 👇


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What Causes Bathroom Condensation?

How Bathroom Condensation Happens - Beddoes Products

Bathroom condensation occurs when moist air comes into contact with a colder surface like a wall, window, mirror etc. The air can’t hold the moisture and tiny drops of water appear.


What Problems Can Bathroom Condensation Cause?

✅ Mould

Mould looks bad. But its effects can be more serious than just the appearance of your bathroom — impacting a range of health problems, according to the NHS website.


Damp begins as wet patches on your walls and ceilings. Your wallpaper might start to peel off, or you might see stains in some areas. There might be a musty smell in the room.

But the long term effects can be much worse. Damp can actually lead to wood rot.

✅ Wood rot

Wood rot can cause structural damage to your home. This can be extremely costly in some instances.


How to Stop Bathroom Condensation (Expert Tips)

1️⃣ Open your windows

This one is obvious, but often overlooked. Opening your windows during or after your bath/shower can reduce condensation by allowing fresh air to circulate and remove warm, moist air. It works great for the summer, but in the colder months, you'll need to consider different options.

2️⃣ Take more baths instead of showers

Showers give off more steam than baths because the hot water is running non-stop, whereas the bath only gives off steam while you're running it. So if it's practical, take more baths to reduce bathroom condensation.

3️⃣ Get a bathroom dehumidifier

The best bathroom dehumidifiers will extract a lot of moisture from the air and collect it as water. Use one during your shower or bath to minimise bathroom condensation.

Check out this Oh So Spotless article for some of the best bathroom dehumidifiers.

4️⃣ Keep your home warmer in general

Cold condensates warm, moist air to water droplets. Keeping your home at a stable, warm temperature can reduce the amount of cold spots and cold surfaces where condensation can happen. However, keep in mind the energy costs of maintaining a warm home.

5️⃣ Get a bathroom extractor fan and vent

This is your best bathroom condensation solution. Install a bathroom extractor fan to remove warm, moist air and exhaust it through the roof by connecting it to a roof extractor vent.

The roof tile vent replaces one of your roof tiles, and has a round connection point for your extractor fan's flexi pipe.


What is the Best Bathroom Extractor Fan?

We’re not the experts here, so we’ll let the real experts do the talking.

We’ve curated information from the top blog over at Expert Reviews for the best bathroom extractor fans.

Best value
EnviroVent Silent 100T
Most powerful
Manrose MF100T
Airflow iCON 30


How to Vent Your Bathroom Extractor Fan Through the Roof

Here's what you need to vent your bathroom extractor fan through the roof:

✅ Your choice of bathroom extractor fan

✅ Flexible pipe — usually 110/110mm

✅ One of our roof tile vents for extractor fans to suit your existing roof tiles

✅ Professional roofer to install your roof vent

✅ Electrician to setup your bathroom extractor fan

The video below from the Fixmyroof YouTube channel shows you how to vent your bathroom extractor fan using one of our roof tile vents:


How Much Does It Cost to Vent Your Bathroom Extractor Fan?

Item Cost (£)
Extractor fan 30-105
Flexible pipe (3 metres) 5
Roof tile vent 30-55
Roofer (up to 1 day) 250 (per day)
Electrician 75
Total 390-490


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