Redland Tile Vents

Redland Tile Vents - Roof Ventilation Made Simple

It's time to get the job done. You can reduce condensation and stop damp before it starts. Redland Tile Vents are the easiest way to vent your loft, bathroom extractor fan, or soil vent pipe.

 Easy to install

✅ Inline design

✅ Multi-purpose

✅ Unlimited colours

✅ Free delivery


Easy Installation

One Redland tile out → One vent in

Simple, step-by-step fitting instructions that any professional roofer can easily follow.


Inline Design

No ugly cowls sticking out of your roof.

Our vents keep your roof looking smooth and untouched.



Redland Tile Vents have 3 main uses:

1️⃣ Loft ventilation

2️⃣ Bathroom extractor fan

3️⃣ Soil vent pipe


Unlimited Colours

Tile vents to match every Redland tile colour.

And if that's not enough, we can even colour match your tiles for a colour exclusive to you.

How Redland Tile Vents Work

How Redland Tile Vents Work

Product Dimensions

 Tile Name Length (mm) Width (mm) Redland Tile Vent
Redland 49 382 226 Redland 49 Vent Tile
Redland Renown 418 332 Redland Renown Vent Tile
Redland Mini Stonewold 418 334 Redland Mini Stonewold Vent Tile
Redland 50 Double Roman 418 332 Redland Double Roman Vent Tile
Redland Delta 430 380 Redland Delta Roof Tile Vent
Redland Grovebury 418 332 Redland Grovebury Vent Tile
Redland Plain Tile 268 165 Plain Tile Vent
Redland Rosemary Clay 268 165 Rosemary Roof Tile Vent
Redland Stonewold Mk2 430 380 Redland Stonewold Mk2 Vent Tile

Free Delivery 

You don't need to make an account to see our delivery charges.

If you're in the UK, delivery will always be free.

We dispatch within 5 working days and use DPD Next Day.

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