Roof Tile Vents

Roof Tile Vents

Beddoes Products roof tile vents are the easiest way to vent your roof.
Here's what you can use a vented roof tile for:
🏠 Loft ventilation to reduce condensation
💦 Vent bathroom extractor fans through the roof
🚽 Terminal for soil vent pipe

Roof Tile Vents — The Best Way to Vent Your Home

✅ Colour matching
✅ Made in-house
✅ Free delivery
✅ 30-day returns
✅ Easy to install

Table of Roof Tile Vent Dimensions

 Tile Name Length (mm) Width (mm) Roof Tile Vent
Marley Modern 420 330 Marley Modern Vent Tile
Marley Ludlow Plus 387 230 Marley Ludlow Plus Vent Tile
Marley Ludlow Major 420 330 Marley Ludlow Major Vent Tile
Marley Mendip 420 330 Marley Mendip Vent Tile
Marley Wessex 420 330 Marley Wessex Vent Tile
Marley Plain Tile 267 165 Plain Tile Vent
Marley Edgemere 420 330 Marley Edgemere Vent Tile
Marley Double Roman 420 330 Double Roman Vent Tile
Redland 49 382 226 Redland 49 Vent Tile
Redland Renown 418 332 Redland Renown Vent Tile
Redland Mini Stonewold 418 334 Redland Mini Stonewold Vent Tile
Redland 50 Double Roman 418 332 Double Roman Vent Tile
Redland Delta 430 380 Redland Delta Roof Tile Vent
Redland Grovebury 418 332 Redland Grovebury Vent Tile
Redland Plain Tile 268 165 Plain Tile Vent
Redland Rosemary Clay 268 165 Rosemary Roof Tile Vent
Redland Stonewold Mk2 430 380 Redland Stonewold Mk2 Vent Tile

Roof Tile Vent Collections


What are roof tile vents?

Roof tile vents are plastic copies of roof tiles, but with built-in ventilation units.
They allow airflow in and out of your roof space.
This reduces loft or bathroom condensation. And prevents damp or mould from developing.
When your home is healthy and energy-efficient, your roof and bathroom will last longer. So you can save money on renovations, and increase the long-term value of your property. Isn't that a no-brainer?

How do roof tile vents work?

Roof tile vents create an opening in the roof felt for air to pass through.
So then, wind and natural air movement can circulate in the loft and remove stale air.

Can you use roof tile vents for extractor fans?

Yes! Our optional pipe adaptor can connect the roof tile vent to your bathroom extractor fan. This exhausts steam from the shower out through the roof. So you can keep your bathroom dry and prevent black mould.

Which roof tile vent do I need?

There are 5 ways you can find out which roof tile vent you need:
  • Find a spare tile and check the back for a brand name and model
  • Ask a professional roofer
  • Use Google images to look for similar roof tiles
  • Visit the tile manufacturer websites like Marley, Redland, and Sandtoft
  • Send a photo via email to

How do you fit roof tile vents?

Roof tile vents are very easy to install. All our products come with printed fitting instructions (if required).
The instructions are simple enough for anyone to follow. But we recommend using a professional roofer.
  • One tile vent replaces one roof tile (except the plain tile vent)
  • Cut a hole in the roof felt for the throat of the vent to pass-through
  • Nail the tile vent in position
  • Continue tiling as normal

This video from the Fix My Roof Youtube Channel is an excellent tutorial on how to install roof tile vents.

Keep in mind that these instructions are for the Marley Ludlow Plus Vent Tile and Redland 49 Vent Tile. Other vents will be similar but may vary.

For more information about roof ventilation, check out Roof Ventilation - The Only Guide You Need to Read 📄

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