Roof Tile Vents for Extractor Fans

Explore our collection of Roof Tile Vents to easily vent your loft, bathroom extractor fan, or soil vent pipe.

We stock roof vent tiles to fit all of the most popular manufacturers and styles; including Marley, Redland and Sandtoft, as well as universal tiles including Slate Vents and Plain Tile Vents.

All available in a selection of colours to match your roof, our vented roof tiles are a discrete and affordable way to DIY or professionally ventilate your roof space.

Need a little bit more information? Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find our full Roof Tile Vents Buying Guide.

Roof Tile Vents Buying Guide

Roof tile vents help you easily vent your loft, bathroom extractor fan, or soil vent pipe.

Better roof ventilation reduces condensation and helps you prevent damp, mould, and rotting in your timbers or building frame. So you can make your roof last longer and save on expensive repairs.

Our affordable ventilation tiles are an effective roof ventilation system with colours that blend into your roof. 

To find the best roof tile vent or roof ventilation system for your roof or extractor fan, continue reading our Roof Tile Vent Buying Guide below.

Alternatively, you can learn about why you need roof tile vents in our Roof Ventilation Guide.

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Your All-In-One Solution

Our roof tile vents are multi-purpose, helping you to solve problems in both the loft and bathroom.

We offer 3 different packages, each offering a different solution.

1️⃣ Loft ventilation

Our vent only package helps you reduce condensation in your loft. This protects your stored items from getting ruined by damp. As well as preventing wood rot from damaging the roof structure.

2️⃣ Bathroom extractor fan

Our vent + pipe adaptor option provides a 110 mm round outlet to vent your bathroom fan through the roof. This removes warm, moist air from the bathroom and reduces the opportunity for black mould to grow.

We also have a 110mm - 100mm reducer for the 4 inch flexi pipes supplied with bathroom extractor fans.

3️⃣ Soil vent pipe

Our third package contains a flexible pipe which allows you to connect your 110mm soil stack - a simple, effective way to vent your internal soil pipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need roof tile vents?

Here's the simple explanation — your home is getting warmer and you haven't got enough roof ventilation.

Daily activities like heating, showering and cooking create more moisture. And now your home holds heat in better with insulation and double-glazed windows.

And so, this warm, moist air with nowhere to go causes condensation. Especially in your loft and bathroom, making them common places for damp and black mould to develop.

Roof tile vents help you to increase air circulation and provide adequate roof ventilation, making your home more energy-efficient and dramatically reducing the likelihood of rotting, decay or structural issues to your timber structure.

This can save you from the expensive cost of roof or structural renovations and can increase the long-term value of your property.


How does a roof tile vent work?

Roof tile vents create an opening in the roof felt for fresh, cool air to pass through and circulate the loft to replace warm, stale air, that has accumulated in the roof space.

This prevents any build-ups of moisture leading to mould or rotting from the warm air condensing on your roof's timbers or structure. 


Can you use roof tile vents for extractor fans?

Yes. Our optional pipe adaptor can connect the roof tile vent to your bathroom extractor fan.

This exhausts steam from the shower out through the roof. So you can keep your bathroom dry and prevent black mould.


Can you use roof vent tiles for soil stacks?

Yes. Just choose one of our pipe adaptor and flexi pipe packages. Then you can connect your roof vent tile to your soil stack via the roof. So you can easily ventilate your soil stack without interrupting the aesthetic of your roof.


What are the different types of roof vent tiles?

Our roof vent tiles are designed to discretely blend into your roof’s surface. That's why we manufacture and stock vented roof tiles designed for all of the most common and popular roof tile designs. Including brands like Redland, Marley, and Sandtoft. As well as more generic Slate Vent Tiles and Plain Vent Tiles.

If you know the manufacturer and design style of your roof tiles, simply find the matching roof vent tile above. If you are unsure of which roof tile vents you need, go to the next question.


Which roof tile vent do I need?

There are 5 ways you can find out which roof tile vent you need:

  • Find a spare tile and check the back for a brand name and model
  • Ask a professional roofer
  • Use Google images to look for similar roof tiles
  • Visit the tile manufacturers' websites like Marley, Redland, and Sandtoft
  • Send a photo via email to

Why choose Beddoes Products' custom roof vent tiles?

What makes Beddoes Products different to our competitors? It's simple - We make our own stuff.

All British manufacturing and design. Everything done in-house.

What's in it for you? Well, we've got the best colour range on the market. So you're guaranteed to get a colour match so good you can't see it on your roof.

And we don't have to wait for stock from random suppliers you get your order when you expect to.

For larger orders, our in-house manufacturing allows us to provide accurate order-fulfillment dates so you can plan your roofing project accordingly. 

But that's not all. We also pride ourselves on having quality and honesty at the core of Beddoes Products.

That's why there are no hidden costs, with FREE DELIVERY on all items along with a 30-DAY RETURNS guarantee.