About Us

Homeowners need better roof ventilation

We make products to help you get it


Where We Started

Back in 2013, roof tile vents weren't exactly considered a direct to consumer product.

Most roofers and DIY enthusiasts used the local builders' merchants.

The problem? 

They were wasting valuable time and money on products with limited stock, limited ranges and limited colour selections.

Using in-house manufacturing meant we could offer custom colours to our customers.

And we could ship small orders direct using Royal Mail.

That year, we listed our first products on eBay.

Sales started off small and inconsistent.

Growth was slow.

But over the next 8 years, gradually, things started building.  


Where We Are Now

Fast forward to 2022 > We sell across 3 major platforms:

We've got more products and colours available for you than ever before.

Our online presence has grown.

And, our manufacturing and distribution process is being streamlined.


Making and shipping our own products is a key part of our company.

However, as order volumes continue to increase, we've decided to stock our most popular items at UK fulfilment centres.

For you, that means one thing: FASTER DELIVERY.

For us, it means more time to work on orders with specific colour matching requirements (colours you can't find anywhere else!).


What We Focus On

✅  Clearest product information
✅  Best colour matching
✅  Easiest buying process
✅  Fastest dispatch and delivery
✅  Most helpful communication

    We're constantly working to improve in these 5 areas.

    We hope it creates the best buying experience possible for you.

    If you have any questions, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

    Or if you're ready to start shopping, go straight to our roof tile vents.


    Scott Beddoes



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