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Calderdale Edge Vent Tile

Calderdale Edge Vent Tile

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Product Description

The Calderdale Edge Vent Tile makes it super easy to vent your loft or bathroom.

Compatible with Sandtoft Calderdale Edge roof tiles, it seamlessly blends into your roof, ready to protect your home against condensation problems like damp, black mould and wood rot.

Scroll down for more information about the product, how it works, and which package is best for you.


Length (mm): 420
Width (mm): 334
Weight (kg): 0.85
Country of Manufacture: UK
Material: Thermoplastic
Format: Single Tile
Airflow Capacity (mm²): 10,000
Minimum Roof Pitch: 22.5 degrees


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Calderdale Edge Vent Tile

The Calderdale Edge Vent Tile Vent Tile makes it easy to vent your loft, bathroom extractor fan or soil vent pipe.

You won't have to worry about how long your roof will last anymore, because you're home will be condensation-free.

With a simple installation, you can get the job done now and forget about it forever.


Why Roof Ventilation is So Important

Good roof ventilation could be the difference between spending a little bit of money versus a lot of money.

Let me explain.

Condensation in the loft and bathroom is increasing. This is the result of a combination of two things.

1. You're making more heat by using central heating, showers and appliances.

2. Your home is better at keeping heat inside by using insulation and double-glazed windows.

More condensation means a greater risk of damp, black mould and mould rot.

But you can prevent this with the price of a vent tile or two.

Short term, this saves you the cost of maintenance and repairs in the roof space.

Long term, it saves you the cost of a new roof.

How much? Today, the UK average roof replacement cost is £5,500! 


Calderdale Edge Vent Tiles are the Perfect Solution

✅  Multi-purpose - Vent your loft, bathroom fan or soil vent pipe

✅  Simple installation - One vent replaces one tile

✅  Inline design - Seamlessly blends into your roof

✅  High-quality + durable - Built to outlast your roof

✅  30-day returns - No questions asked


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  • Specifications

    Length (mm): 420
    Width (mm): 334
    Weight (kg): 0.85
    Country of Manufacture: UK
    Material: Thermoplastic
    Format: Single Tile
    Airflow Capacity (mm²): 10,000
    Minimum Roof Pitch: 22.5 degrees

  • Installation Guide

    The Calderdale Vent Tiles are quick and easy to fit.

    Simply replace 1 roof tile with 1 roof tile vent. No batten cutting is required. Cut existing felt to the size of the vent throat and fold it out.

    Download our full installation instructions here: Download Calderdale Edge Vent Tile fitting instructions (PDF)

    We recommend working with a professional roofer. 

How do Calderdale Edge Tile Vents Work?

You can see how our Calderdale Edge Vent Tile works in the image to the left (or above if you're on mobile).

Air flows through the vent via the underbase unit and grille.

Rain that enters the vent will flow out through the bottom via water channels, onto the roof tiles below.

The pipe adaptor makes an easy connection point for your bathroom extractor fan or soil vent pipe.

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