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Marley Mendip Vent Tile

Marley Mendip Vent Tile

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Product Description

The Marley Mendip Vent Tile is designed to blend in perfectly with the popular Marley Mendip Interlocking Concrete Roof Tiles.

Providing you with a subtle yet effective roof ventilation system to vent your loft, bathroom extractor fan, or soil vent pipe.

Scroll down to find out more in-depth product details, how the product works, and which package you need.


Length (mm): 420
Width (mm): 330
Weight (kg): 0.65
Country of Manufacture: UK
Material: Thermoplastic
Format: Single Tile
Airflow Capacity (mm²): 10,000
Minimum Roof Pitch: 22.5 degrees


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Marley Mendip Vent Tile

The Marley Mendip Vent Tile makes it easy to vent your loft, bathroom extractor fan, or soil vent pipe.

Good roof ventilation is essential for a healthy, energy-efficient home. So you can reduce condensation, prevent damp, and protect the value of your home.


Roof Ventilation Made Simple

✅  Simple installation - One vent replaces one tile

✅  Colour matching - Almost disappears on your roof

✅  High-quality + durable - Built to outlast your roof

✅  Free home delivery - Don't waste your time at the builders' merchants

✅  30-day returns - No questions asked


    Stop Condensation — Prevent Damp

    There's a big problem with roof ventilation:

    🔥 We're making more heat (showers, washing, and central heating)
    🏠 Our homes hold more heat (double glazing, loft insulation, and cavity wall insulation)

      When warm air rises and meets the cold surfaces of the ceilings or roof, it condensates into water droplets.

      And over time, untreated loft and bathroom condensation can lead to damp, rot, and mould growth. It's really important that you don't leave it until it's too late. Because it can be very costly to fix.


      The All-In-One Solution 

      The Marley Mendip Vent Tile is an almost invisible solution with 3 key applications:

      🏠  Loft ventilation
      💦  Shower fan
      🚽  Soil vent pipe

      Please note: Doesn't work with cooker hood extractors.

      Not what you're looking for? Try our other Marley Tile Vents.

      Choose Your Package

      1️⃣ Vent Only

      If you want to improve loft ventilation, this is the package for you.

      2️⃣ Vent + Pipe Adaptor

      The pipe adaptor helps you connect your bathroom extractor fan, with a 110 mm diameter outlet. If your pipe is 100 mm, you can add our 110-100 mm duct reducer when you go to your basket. This costs £7.99. We don't hide any extra charges.

      3️⃣ Vent + Adaptor + Flexi Pipe

      Our premium quality flexi pipe helps you connect your soil vent pipe. With a full extended length of 550 mm, it is NOT a substitute for extractor fan flexi pipe. The pipe diameter is 110 mm at both ends, with jubilee clips to secure in place.


      How to Buy

      • Select your colour and package from the drop-down menu, then add them to your basket.
      • Continue to your basket, adding a 110-100 mm reducer if required (you'll see a pop-up for this).
      • Checkout using your preferred payment method. 


        • Specifications

          Length (mm): 420
          Width (mm): 330
          Weight (kg): 0.65
          Country of Manufacture: UK
          Material: Thermoplastic
          Format: Single Tile
          Airflow Capacity (mm²): 10,000
          Minimum Roof Pitch: 22.5 degrees

        • Installation Guide

          All of our Marley Mendip Tile Vents are quick and easy to fit.

          Our printed fitting instructions show a simple step-by-step guide that anyone can follow.

          Download a copy here: Download Marley Vent Tile fitting instructions (PDF)

          We recommend working with a professional roofer. 

        How do Marley Mendip Vent Tiles Work?

        You can see how our Marley Mendip Vent Tile works in the image to the left (or above if you're on mobile).

        Air flows through the vent via the underbase unit and grille.

        Rain that enters the vent will flow out through the bottom via water channels, onto the roof tiles below.

        The pipe adaptor makes an easy connection point for your bathroom extractor fan or soil vent pipe.

        UK Manufacture, 30-Day Guarantee, Free Delivery & Colour Matching

        We only sell roof tile vents. This narrow focus means we can make the best products possible and give you helpful advice.

        We also make all our products in-house so they are always in stock and ready for free delivery to your door.

        We can also colour match our roof tile vents to your roof tiles and easily make changes to your order.