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What is a roof tile vent?

Roof Tile Vents provide natural and passive ventilation to roof and attic spaces by allowing fresh cool air to flow into your roof or loft space, and expel hot humid air out. The benefits of this improved air circulation include better air quality, temperature management and the avoidance of dampness or mould.

At Beddoes Products, we specialise in the design and manufacture of roof vent tiles. So, we thought we would put this article together to share our expertise, teaching you everything you need to know about roof vent tiles.


Why is roof ventilation important?

Before we delve into the specifics of roof vent tiles, it is important to understand why we need them. Modern-day homes and properties generate a lot of unnatural heat, from sources such as central heating or portable heaters to showers and baths.

Effective roof ventilation is important as it helps to circulate the air in your loft or roof space. This is done by introducing fresh cool air and expelling the warm air that has risen into the space. By doing this, the warm air does not become stale or condensate and the issues mentioned above are avoided.

It also helps to naturally regulate the overall temperature of your property, especially in warmer weather. By replacing the hot air that rises with cooler air in the loft space, your home's overall temperature self-regulates and cools.


What happens if I don’t have roof ventilation?

Poor ventilation of your roof space can have a costly effect on your health and the value of your home.

The extra heat we produce leads to warmer air inside your home, which can carry more moisture than cold air. And as we all know, hot air rises. This leads to the problem of warm air rising into the loft or roof spaces and condensing when it comes into contact with cold surfaces. The condensation process results in the formation of water droplets from the moisture in the air onto timbers and fixtures.

Over time, these water droplets cause common issues like dampness that eventually lead to mould or rot. Mould is known to have adverse effects on living environments and breathing in its spores is lined with several respiratory problems.

In addition, the formation of rot from prolonged dampness can compromise the structure of your roof. Potentially decreasing the value of your home or the need for expensive renovations.


What is a roof tile vent?

A roof tile vent is a roof tile that includes a vented surface that allows for fresh air to enter a roof space, and circulate to expel stale air.


How do roof tile vents work?

Roof vent tiles work by allowing fresh cool air to be drawn into the lower roof space, circulate, and then force warm air out of the upper roof space.

This is a passive action that will occur naturally to help maintain the air circulation in your roof space and to manage the temperature of your property.

What are the benefits of roof vent tiles?

The main benefits of roof vent tiles include effective roof ventilation, low cost, easy installation, adaptability and discrete.

Effective Roof Ventilation: Roof tile vents work passively to ensure that there is a constant circulation of airflow throughout your loft or roof space.

Low Cost: In comparison to other roof ventilation solutions, roof vent tiles are relatively low cost to both purchase and install.

Easy Installation: Tile vents come in all sizes and designs, and are manufactured to match the most popular roof tiles. This means that they can be installed easily as a standard roof tile would be.

Adaptability: Roof tile vents can be used in conjunction with other mechanisms that promote effective ventilation including extractor fans and soil pipes. Adaptor pipes can be used to connect these units to enhance your roof ventilation systems.

Discrete Look: Roof vent tiles are simple in their design and blend into the roof's aesthetic. They don’t draw attention or break the profile of the roof like other roof ventilation options.


Roof Vent Tiles by Beddoes Products

Beddoes Products, established in 2013, is a specialist designer and manufacturer of roof vent tiles and accessories in the United Kingdom. In addition, we provide fast, free delivery across the UK and a 30-day money-back guarantee alongside our expert advice, to ensure that you find the perfect ventilation solution for your property.

Explore our Roof Tile Vent Collection and Buying Guide to browse our extensive range of styles, sizes, and colours to help you effectively ventilate your roof space.

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