Slate tile vent manufactured by Beddoes Products installed in a slate roof in the UK.

What is a Slate Tile Vent?

A slate tile vent adds modern roofing technology into the traditional style and design of slate tile roofs to provide effective ventilation of your roof space. This is important to prevent common roof ventilation issues including dampness and rot, poor temperature regulation and, in severe cases, structural instability.

Slate Tile Vents Are Available in the Two Standard Slate Roof Tile Sizes and are designed to match the natural colour of slate. This allows you to install slate tile vents to enhance your roof ventilation without compromising on the natural traditional look of your property’s beautiful slate roof.


Why do you need to vent a slate tile roof?

Slate roofs have been used in the UK for centuries for all types of buildings due to their natural look and properties, as well as their incredible longevity and environmental sustainability.

One of the key properties of slate tiles is their thermal mass which helps to absorb and gradually release heat for effective thermal regulation. However, as modern lifestyles have developed, properties and homes are now producing increased amounts of heat. This is typically from showering, baths, cooking and any other actions that cause steam and add warm moisture to the air.

This warm air rises, and when it comes into contact with cold surfaces it condenses and forms water droplets. Over time, these droplets build up and can cause roof ventilation issues such as mould, affecting air quality, and/or rotting on structural materials, affecting the properties' safety and stability.


What are the benefits of installing slate tile vents?

Proper ventilation of your roof space using slate vent tiles has several benefits including the prevention of mould and dampness, temperature regulation and improved air quality.

Preventing Mould and Dampness 

Roof vent tiles lead to improved air circulation in your roof space. This means that fresh cool air is introduced and warm stale air is expelled. This helps to prevent the build-up of mould or dampness by removing warm air from the space before the moisture in it cools and condensates on surfaces.

Temperature Regulation

By expelling the warm air and introducing cooler air, slate roof vents make your property better at self-regulating its temperature. This can help save you money on your utility by reducing your heating or cooling bills.

Improve Air Quality

Stale warm air can lead to the growth of mould as mentioned above. Mould is known to have adverse effects on living environments, with its spores known to aggravate or worsen respiratory conditions.


How does a slate vent tile work?

A slate tile roof vent works in the same way that a standard tile vent works. This can either be a passive process by simply being installed in the roof space or installed with a pipe adaptor that connects a bathroom extractor fan or soil vent pipe.

In the process of passive slate roof ventilation, the under-base unit and grille allow for cold fresh air to enter the roof space. This promotes the circulation of air and the expelling of warm air carrying moisture droplets before it comes into contact with cold surfaces and condenses.

Alternatively, a slate tile roof vent can be used to directly expel heat from its source using a kitchen or bathroom extractor fan and a soil vent pipe. Included within the underside of the slate tile vent is a simple yet effective connection point. These are specifically designed to attach to the Flexi Pipe Adaptor which is quick and easy to install and connect to your extractor fan or soil vent pipe.

The final key design feature of the slate tile vent is the underside cover of the vent. This important component ensures that any rainwater that comes into contact with the slate tile vent is channelled down through the bottom of the vent tile and onto the roof tiles below. This ensures that the rainwater is always above the roof level and has no opportunity to get into the roof space.


How to install a vented slate tile into a roof?

Standard slate roofs include tile size measurements of 500 x 250mm (20 x 10 inch) or 600 x 300mm (24 x 12 inch). Slate tile vents match these sizes exactly and are installed into a slate roof just as a normal slate tile would be. Installing tile vents into a roof can be done during the fitting of a new roof or fit into an existing roof.

Fitting a slate tile vent can be completed by a highly competent DIY enthusiast. However, at Beddoes Products, we always advise seeking the help of a professional roofer to ensure that your roof vent tiles are installed correctly, especially within an existing slate roof.


Slate Tile Vents at Beddoes Products

At Beddoes Products, all we design, manufacture and sell are roof tile vents and roof tile vent accessories. All completed in our UK manufacturing facility, we are proud to create 100% British products for the roofing and construction industry.

We are so confident in the quality and design of all of our slate tile vents that we offer a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. We also offer FREE delivery across the UK, providing you with the best roof tile vents in time for your next roof ventilation project.

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