How to Make Your Own Bat Access Slate

Today I'm going to show you how to make your own bat access slate.

Some people try to make one using lead, but that is usually best when working with a plain tile roof.

If you've got a slate roof, however, the method I'm going to go through here is easier to follow and produces a better looking product.


Why You Need a Bat Access Slate

Why do you need a bat access slate, exactly?

Well bats are actually a protected species in the UK. All 18 of them, in fact.

So if you're doing building work with bats present, you need to create bat access points and preserve the bat roost.


What is a Bat Access Slate?

What is a bat access slate? Well, the name is quite self-explanatory.

It’s a roof slate that contains components which allow bats to access their roost in the roof space of a property.

When building and renovation projects are proposed on older properties, they often find existing bat roosts. And these older properties often have a slate roof.

So because it’s against the law to move, disturb, or damage a bat roost (you could be fined or imprisoned!), you will need to replace some roof slates with bat access slates.

At Beddoes Products, we have pre-made bat access slates available in our store. But they come in 2 sizes and only in grey Spanish slate.


How to Make Your Own Bat Access Slate

If you want your bat access slate to match your existing slates, you can combine your slate with one of our bat access tile kits.

Below is a list of products you'll need for this project:

  • Bat Access Tile Kit [opens in new window]
  • Your own slate
  • CT1 adhesive
  • Grinder with slate cutting disk
  • Protective equipment (mask, eye protection, gloves)


Cutting and Assembly Instructions

Use the template provided to mark the cutting point for the hole. This is where the bat cowl will fit into the slate.

Make sure you're wearing protective equipment and get your grinder with cutting disk ready.

Taking your time, cut the square hole in your slate using the grinder. Blow or brush off any dust that has collected on the tile so the glue will stick properly.

Place the slate over the bat access component to check that the hole lines up with the bat cowl.

Run your CT1 adhesive down each side of the bat access component, making sure it is within the width of the slate you are using. There are lines on the under-base to represent both the width of a 20 x 10 inch slate and 24 x 12 inch slate.

Carefully place the slate onto the component, lining it up straight with the bottom.

Squeeze around the areas where the glue sits to make sure it has a good contact.

Clamp the slate in place and leave the finished product overnight so the glue can completely set.

Then it's time to install the product on your roof.


Fitting Instructions

Download Bat Access Slate fitting instructions (PDF)

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